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"Rick was a great interview. He was clear and articulate, generous with his wisdom, and able to 'bring it down' so the material became relevant to a wide audience. His message was timely and current."
-Bill Kearney, The Financial Spectrum Show, WKXL-AM Concord NH
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Topic; How to Engage and Ignite Your Company's Workforce
"Rick is a great consultant - easily grasps the issues and comes up with great solutions. He does this with kindness, intelligence, and humor. Rick's also a wonderful radio guest who can keep listeners informed and interested at the same time."
-Alison Hinson, Award-Winning Radio Host for "Money Talks", WMPG, Portland, ME

WKXL-AM/Concord NH, Financial Spectrum, w/ Bill Kearney, November 4, 2010 Topic: New book Uncomplicating Management

Radio America, Money Matters Network w/ Stu Taylor, November 4, 2010 Topic: New book Uncomplicating Management

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Topic: Finding a job in a tough economy

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Topic: Bret Favre and claims of sexual harassment

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Topic: Businesses response to the State of the Union address

WLW-AM, The Jim Scott Show, Cincinnati OH, February 2, 2011
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WSYR-AM, Saturday Morning News, w/ Jim Donovan February 7, 2011
Topic: Businesses response to the State of the Union address

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WLOB, Portland, ME Mind Your Own Business, September 3, 2011 - Effects of economy on small business

WLOB, Portland, ME Mind Your Own Business, February 4, 2012
Co-Host; It’s So New England

To contact Rick for an interview, call 207-229-5954
or email him at rick@dacri.com

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Rick Dacri

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